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Daily Deposit Scheme

This scheme is suitable to those who are having regular day to day business. Under this scheme the account holder have to regularly fixed sum of money to give our daily deposit collection agent will visit your place of business, by way of daily fixed instalments over a period of stipulated period.

Daily Deposit Amount
  • Minimum Rs.10 per day


Daily of Deposit period
  • Minimum – 6 months
  • Maximum – 60 months.
Daily of Deposit Passbook:
  • DDS agent will give the Receipt and statement will be issued as per request of depositor. Depositor can ask statement of the account
Payment of daily Installments with Agent :
  • Daily installment may be remitted by the depositor by cash or through cheques.
  • The depositor may alternatively be advised to give standing instructions to debit his operative accounts for adjusting monthly installments.